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About bit15

About bit15

Welcome to my website!

bit15 is a one-person operation. My name is David Acosta-Juan. I've been working the web since the early years, covering a range of projects going from web design and development to database applications taylored for specific needs. In two decades, I went through a wide range of technologies, and witnessed the birth, thriving, and sometimes fall, of coding languages, operating systems, and information-process paradigms; and in that journey I learned how to choose, from a toolbox full of resources, the ones that do the work best, while also having the longest lifespan spectations. Read More...

I started working with databases in 1996; and have used a wide range of server-side engines since then, from ColdFusion to PHP and JSP.

Some of my work in these 20 years included the creation of the first online video rental store in Mexico, for Columbia Tristar Homevideos (now a division of Sony Entertainment); the online music community Click 2 Music, for Bertelsmann Mexico (BMG); the website of the Mexico Cart Grand Prix 2004, for OCESA; and countless sites for small businesses, art galleries, photographers, private schools, musicians...

I've been a resident in the United States since 2013. In the last years I've been working for several projects in the U.S., while still mantainining some of my work in Mexico.

You can count on all my work to be:

Fully Responsive

Layouts and images optimized for mobile devices screen resolutions and quirks.

Cleanly Coded

Fully commented code that follows best-practices and sticks to presentation conventions.

Content Oriented

Content management to make things easy, allowing the customer to focus on what's important: content.

Search Optimized

Sites and templates structured to make search-engine optimization as easy as possible.



bit15 is prepared to provide all the services usually expected to build and mantain a high-impact web presence. Image processing, video and sound editing, icon creation, database design and maintenance, are but just a few of the services provided on a regular basis.

For large projects, a team can be put together to reduce development time.


Layouts, logos, banners, fonts...
Versions for web and printing press.


HTML, CSS, Angular, jQuery. ColdFusion, Lucee, PHP. mySQL, MS SQL, WordPress. iOS/ Android Apps. Java.


Windows and Linux hosting. ColdFusion 11.
mySQL 5. MS SQL 2016.
Joomla. Magento. WordPress.
24/7 Customer Support.



Competitive pricing

In design, development and hosting, you won't find a better deal.

Great craftmanship

When it comes to great quality, the devil is in the details...

Time matters

No excuses, no extending deadlines: it will be ready in the timeframe we set.



Here are some big names (and some not-so-big) I have worked with in this almost-20 years.

Video Show-off

Video Show-off

YouTube video embeded just to show I know how to do it



Please use the form to contact me. Alternatively, you can use the email

14305 SW 57th Ln, Miami FL

phone: +1 (786) 486-7821

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