It Is The State That’s Making Everybody Crazy
The State is the sole culprit behind the current mental health crisis.

– It all started with the takeover of elementary education. The public school system transformed education into the systematic indoctrination of generation after generation of malleable children. Traditional values like family and religion were slowly replaced with the cult of the State. The impossibility to cover special needs (a “one-size-fits-all” approach to children/youth care) made bullying and youth alienation a regular occurrence.

– The welfare state, the criminalization of everything (ie. “illegal substances”), and the progressive crusades pushing for women’s “equality” eroded the cohesion of the traditional family, leading to fatherless children becoming a new normal.

– The warfare state created a cult of everything military, and a casual attitude towards violence and war. The pop culture, led by Holywood’s entertainment industry, made war “cool.”

– The academia was taken over by progressive intellectuals, pushing identity politics, destructive behavior and victim mentality into universities and into the State’s bureaucratic framework.

– The State’s regulatory framework made illegal healthier alternatives for pain relief, imposing new poorly researched psychotropic substances into the market.

There’s no easy way out of it. Adding laws and regulations on top of the existing chaos will do nothing but worsen the already ugly landscape; only stripping the State of its power, and returning individuals the control and responsibility for their lives, can have a lasting positive effect.

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