Fake news is nothing new

In the USSR, regular people looked out to Western Europe in search for news, because they knew the Soviet press was filled with lies. In Cuba, people systematically guess what’s happening by reading between lines from the official stories, and filling the blanks with word-of-mouth, Internet news distributed in USB sticks and U.S. radio received in old Soviet-era transistors. In Mexico, people play with the names of the major newspapers, so “La Jornada” (“The Working Day”) becomes “Mejor Nada” (“Better Nothing”) and “Reforma” (“The Reform”) becomes “Deforma” (“Deforms”)…

Now, in the US, people are learning fast how to deal with a media controlled by the power elites: the number of people that look for alternative news sources in the Internet is growing exponentially… That’s why these elites want to “regulate” the Internet, using all kind of excuses, from child pornography to intellectual property. In the next few years, expect not only a relentless attack on the Second Amendment, but also on the First.

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